Policy and Criteria for Issuing of Continual Professional Development (CPD) Points to registered members


To agree what qualifies for CPD points; To agree how many CPD points each activity generates; and To inform registered members of their responsibilities i.t.o CPD in keeping their registration.


Currently, CPD points are only issued for attendance at training programmes already endorsed by SAFMA. The points are allocated according to the length of the programme; on average 1 point per working hour; a maximum of 6 points per day.

Current Status

Two categories of CPD activities are in force i.e. Developmental and Work-Based. Members must earn 50 points over 2 year period. If more than the required points are acquired in a one year period a maximum of 5 points may roll over to the following year. In the light of the fact that there are not many opportunities for members to earn CPD points it is PROPOSED that CPD points be issued as follows:


All points must be verifiable i.e. Conference/course attendance register or copy of the programme.

Developmental (up to 25 points per year) Course/conference/workshop attendance:

  • 2 x CPD points per hour for attending a SAFMA conference (national or regional);
  • 1.5 x CPD points per hour for attending a SAFMA endorsed training course (as per original policy);
  • 1 x CPD point per hour for attending any other management related training course i.e. presentations skills, budgeting, communication, etc.
Presentations at conferences/workshops/courses:
If members are going to present at a conference; it need not be SAFMA endorsed. They will receive 5 points for making a presentation at a conference. Work-Based (maximum 10 points per year) These are non verifiable. Mentoring, publication of articles, reading articles, self study, community work, 800 hours appropriate FM work.
It is further PROPOSED that this Policy for the allocation of CPD points be revised every two years, as training opportunities change.