Application Process

  1. Click here to complete the application form and submit with relevant documentation and send to
  2. An initial assessment is done to ensure all the relevant information is included and verified
  3. You will receive an invoice:
    Initial application fee (non-refundable) R3 184,00 incl VAT
    Re-registration after 5 years 25% of application fee
    Upgrades as per re-registration as per application fee
    Application appeal R2 548,00 incl VAT
    Replacement of registration certificate R   554,00 incl VAT
  4. Once proof of payment is received, a panel of two assessors assesses the application and makes a recommendation. In case of questions they may request further information or arrange for an interview of the applicant
  5. If both assessors are in agreement, the decision goes to the Chairman of the Committee to ratify
  6. If there is no agreement, the application will go to a third assessor and the Chairman of the Committee
  7. The applicant is informed of the decision via email
  8. Chairman to sign certificate
  9. The applicant will be informed when the certificate it ready for collection
  10. Application process will take no more than six weeks from receipt of payment if there are no questions or other delays