The National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Act requires the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) to recognise professional bodies and register their professional designations on the NQF. This only happens if the professional body meets the SAQA Policy and Criteria for recognising professional bodies and registering professional designations.

Benefits of being a SAQA recognised professional body:
Recognition as trusted professional bodies through an Act of Parliament
Part of a national database of professional bodies that uphold high standards of competence and ethics
Registration of professional designations on the most comprehensive national database of learner achievements
Exposure to best practice through access to fora that improve professional bodies functions

SAQA recognises a professional body if it:
Complies with, and adheres to, good corporate governance practices
Protects the public interest in relation to services provided by its members
Promotes professional development of its members to meet their relevant designation requirements
Has a code of conduct for its members to adhere to
Does not apply unfair exclusionary practices in terms of membership admission

To download a list of recognised professional bodies please click here.